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Brigitte Pazot was born in Paris in 1959.

From 1982 to 1985, she followed classes given by Tim Smith at the American Center of Paris, and from then developed her own research.
In 1992, she met Daniel Prat who was at that time managing a workshop of engraving in Limay (Yvelines department). This meeting has been decisive: the discovery and practice of engraving made her artistic approach richer and fertile. Two years later, in 1994, Daniel Prat asked her to give classes of plastic arts at the Maison des Arts (House of Arts) of Limay, where she took over him as Limay’s engraving workshop director from 1999 to 2008.
Brigitte Pazot has been the artistic director of Limay’s engraving biennale since its creation in 2004, until 2008.

In addition, as part of the 2AMAC association (martial arts and contemporary arts), she runs painting trainings, in France as well as abroad. Her meeting with André Cognard, Master of martial arts and writer, has opened onto the realisation in 1999 of a full-size book (70 x 80 cm), Apotropée. A painting exhibition has been developed two years later around this common object, which has been used as a frame for a mise-en-scene of the text, played by two actors: Pierre Longuenesse from Compagnie du Samovar and Jordi Arús, and also by the dancer Clothilde Tiradritti from Compagnie Heliotropion.
Carrying on their collaboration, she illustrated in 2000 André Cognard’s work named Le corps conscient (published by Derby).
In 2005, she met Shingai Tanaka, Master of calligraphy and founder of the Bokushin school in Kyoto.

Brigitte Pazot is currently developing her art in Spain and in Italy. She has opened a workshop in Barcelona and fully devotes herself to creation.
She created the book Spirale from texts written by André Cognard Père Fils (Father Son) and the film Spirale with Jordi Arús and Raphaël Pannier.
Her book Spirale can be found within the Collection of rare books of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (National Library of France).
She made original books with Nadine Satiat, Marc Vaution, André Cognard as well as with her own texts.
She also made an edition for La Gravure Originale (the Original Engraving) in 2006.
An edition in 2010 Poèmes urbains (Urban poems) on poems by Fernando Pessoa, in collaboration with Tinta Invisible, a workshop in Barcelona.

She is a member of: La Fondation Taylor (the Taylor Foundation), JGC - Gravure Contemporaine, Graver Maintenant and Manifestampe - Fédération Nationale de l’Estampe. She takes part into Le Signe et la Marge exhibitions set up by Claude Jean Darmon.

Her works can be found at the Department of contemporary engraving and photography of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
She got the J.G.S.A award in 2004.
Laureate of the Taylor award in the 2009 Salon d’Automne (Autumn Salon) of Paris.
In 2011, the “Salon du Vťsinet” awarded her with the engraving award.
Her works can be viewed permanently at Michèle Broutta’s gallery in Paris.

Her works are protected by the ’A.D.A.G.P.’ (the French collective rights management society).
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